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UK Online Bingo Facts and Fun

The team at www.bingonightin.com has gathered some fun facts about bingo for your own pleasure. So if you wanted to get more knowledgeable and impress your bingo friends, here is the place for it. But if you would rather play bingo now, you could also play one of our games and get a chance to win one our many guaranteed jackpots. Click here to register (fabulous welcome bonuses are given away Wink)

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A little history of bingo

Bingo is a game that was already played in France and Italy in the early 18th Century. The game was a mixture of lottery and bingo as we now it now. At the time various kings and leaders were using this form of bingo to raise money for their castles, wealth fare and wars.

Its in 1929 that Bingo took the more familiar face that we all know now; a toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe who was travelling through Jacksonville (Georgia), stopped at a rather lively booth gathering where people from the street were playing a game of beans and numbered cardboard. Impressed by its popularity, the business returned to New York and created the first game of Beano (old name for bingo). When he first presented it to his friend and played, one of his friend shouted the word "bingo" which he then used to name the game.

Bingo In the UK

Bingo becomes very popular in the UK in the fifties. TV was fast replacing theatres and cinemas which were then bought by large bookmaker groups (Gala And Mecca Bingo) to create bingo halls.


On line Bingo Key Facts

  1. Bingo hit the internet in 1996
  2. Due to technology limitation and internet availability in households, it is not until 2004 that online bingo became popular
  3. Only a handfull of bingo operators were available at the time
  4. It is now believed that over three million people play bingo regularly in the UK only
  5. 8% of the UK population play bingo 
  6. £480 Million per year is returned as winning to players
  7. On line Bingo in the UK represent 7% of the entire gambling market (casino, poker, betting, state lotteries)
  8. Its thought that the market will increase 7% each year over the next 3 years which means that by 2012, there should be in the region of 4 Million players in the UK only
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 The differences playing in Halls/clubs and On the internet

  1. One of the major difference is that playing on the net allows you to be confortable and chat as much as you want without bothering anybody around you.
  2. The bingo games in halls are much slower than on line
  3. Bingo cards must be dabbed (or marked) in halls to be valid whereas it is automated on line
  4. Players to complete a line, 2 lines or full house in bingo halls must shout "bingo" to win before anyone else, however online, if a player card is complete the software will automatically detect and validate it as winner.
  5. If there are more than one completed winner for the same line, the top prize is shared; in the halls/ clubs, the winner is the first to complete and then shout "bingo"
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  7. The prizes on the internet are much bigger than those in the bingo halls and more frequent!
  8. Internet players can meet hundreds of thousands of other players through the chat rooms
  9. Many small side games are being played in the chat rooms during each on line bingo game.
  10. Cyber players can play many other games (casino, roulette, scratch cards, slots etc.) whilst playing bingo

Revenue, winnings and winners

  1. In 2010, bingo games generated nearly £350 Million profit per year
  2. £480 Millions are won each year by Bingo Players
  3. The biggest win was over £1,200,000 in 2008
  4. Bingonightin.com run a £1,000,000 coverall jackpot 3 times per week Eek


Celebrities and Bingo On line

There are many celebrities who love bingo:

  1. Sharon Osbourne
  2. Catherine Zeta Jones
  3. Robbie Williams
  4. Katie Price
  5. Kerry Katona
  6. Glenda Gilson
  7. Denise Van Outen

This conclude our brainy on line bingo key facts section which we hope you have enjoyed. Remember that bingo is not just about money but a large community who meets regularly,  have fun, companionship and the chance to socialise. You can now join our sister site which is dedicated to our bingo community, fun, games, quiz, free competition and socialising.

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